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What is a tour? What benefits does it contain?

When talking about the tour, the unconscious mind goes to the fishing net.
Because the fish is the capital of the oceans and the seas are infinite! And a gourmet that everyone is looking for, a tour of travel has a distinct sea view and huge oceans, and respectable travelers are pearls that should be guided by travel agencies and their travel arrangements.
Advantages of the tour: mass travel, group members' familiarity with each other, getting to know the places of interest, useful information, historical, farming, pilgrimage, and so on. Sometimes there's a lot of good things going on in the tours that make you happy and happy. In the tours, friendship, business and business contacts have been taking place with travelers.
Using the tour, the best travel route and a relaxed imagination, is for every traveler.
Travel and air travel agency has created opportunities for people to travel easily by creating tours and recreational, travel, pilgrimage, cultural and artistic, commercial, sporting, educational, exhibition, medical and other tours.
What services are included in the tours?
Tours such as: tickets and visas, hotel reservations, travel plans, tour guide, travel insurance, transfer from airport to hotel and vice versa, specified patrols and other services (often in the form of contracts between travel agencies and airlines of the two countries of origin And destination).
Traveling tours are divided into two categories.
1- Group Tours (Packages).
2-Individual tours (open).
Group Tour Definition: These recreational tours are designed in such a way that the travel and air travel agency purchases a certain number of seats depending on the number of seats, registers a small group and adjusts their travel plans. Often, in this case, the entire group of origin travels and returns with the tour guide to the destination country.
Definition of Individual Tours: These tours, which make up a large volume of travelers, are often purchased from various travel agencies, tours, and all passengers fly with a pre-designated flight to their destination. Travel program and tour guide, these are the types of tours in the destination country.
Domestic tours / foreign tours
The domestic tour includes:
Tour of Kish / Torahshah / Mashhad Tour / Shiraz Tour / Kermanshah Tour / Kashan Touring Tour / Forest Forest Tour / Desert Tour / Yazd Tour / Salt Abroad / Hamedan Tour / Tour of Isfahan / Tour of Qazvin / Tour of Tabriz / Urmia Tour / Water Tour Warm Sareen, Mirage, Mahalat / Dome Tour / Vashti Strait Tour / Roodakan Castle Tour / Kelardasht Tour / Masouleh Tour / Ski Tour / Other Tours.
foreign tour :
Tour of Istanbul / Tours of Antalya / Bodrum Tour / Tours of Marmaris / Tours of Kusadasi / Tours of Izmir / Tours of Fountains / Cyprus Tours / Tours of Ankara / Tours of Moscow, St.Petersburg / Tours of Greece / Tours of France / Tours of Italy / Tours of Holland / Tours of Austria / Tours Spain / Tours of Germany / Tours of Tunisia / TourEsland / Tours of Dubai / Tours of Mecca and Medina / Tours of Karbala / Tour of Lebanon / Tour of Syria / Tours of India (Toursagra, Delhi, Jaipur, Goa, Mumbai) / China tour (Guangzhou tours, Tour of Malaysia and Singapore / Tour of Kuala Lumpur, Penang Tour, Lankavi Tour / Thai Tour (Bangkok Tour, Pattaya Tour, Phuket Tour (Fuket), Samui Tours) / Tour of Indonesia (Tours) / Tour of Japan / South Africa / Brazilian tour / Canada tour / Colombian tour / Morris tour / Maldives tour / Mexico tour / Armenia tour / Australian tour (Melbourne tours, Sydney) / Tour of the United Kingdom / American tour And other tours.
Respected people and traveling companions are advised to make their travels and air travel agencies and pay careful attention to all the provisions of the contract.