Import production lines

Soltanian Group has started its activities in 2008 in the field of foreign purchases, import, export, commercial and customs affairs to facilitate international trade and provide services to natural and legal persons who, with their expertise in commercial and customs affairs, have a healthy environment for Generates your competitive activities.
In general, the stages of foreign purchasing from the choice of goods and the seller to purchase and arrive at customs and clearance is a complex process that is as follows:
• Collect information about selling resources, reviewing them and choosing sales sources (Sourse Selection)
• Performa Invoice
• Setting up Purchase order
• Register order at the Ministry of Commerce and refer to the bank if necessary
• Carry goods purchased
• Clearance of goods brought to the customs
• Carry goods cleared to Destination
The company, using the most up-to-date methods and information, has been backed by an experienced and experienced trading team and has been able to implement a number of projects in line with professional principles.
The main pillar The activities of the Tehran Trading Company are the leading provider of desirable services, providing feedback, speeding up and maintaining the full range of customers' interests..